[vc_row layout=”normal” margintop=”20″ marginbottom=”10″ paddingtop=”5″ paddingbottom=”5″ bg_color=”#ffffff”][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Welcome to the online home of the Majesty of the Horse, a site inspired by author Tamsin Pickeral and photographer Astrid Harrisson’s book of the same title.

Horses have been a driving force for Astrid and Tamsin throughout their lives fuelling adventures, inspiration, creativity, much laughter and a few tears. This website brings together horse journeys from the past and new projects in the future; it is a portal for information, articles, news, video footage of the making of our books, artworks, history, rare breeds, sports horses and quite possibly the odd dog or cat!

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Making of...

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Never seen before footage from ``making of`` The Majesty of the Horse

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News & Articles

Latest news and articles from the horse world

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Rare and Wild Breeds

Click here for info on rare and wild breeds

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